My name is Marcus Sullivan, and I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker based in Ottawa, Canada. My films have screened at festivals internationally, won semi-prestigious awards, brought grown men to tears and fitful babies to a peaceful calm. I’m a recent graduate of York University’s Screenwriting BFA program, and on weekends I dress up as superheroes for children’s birthday parties.


Short Films

In 2012 I co-wrote Free Parking, a student short that went on to some acclaim.

Free Parking tells the story of a young man in a desperate search for an unnamed protest. Shot on the streets of Toronto, Free Parking won the award for Best Screenplay at the 2012 Cinesiege Awards and was selected to screen as part of Domestic Arrivals Festival of Canadian Film in 2013.

“It tells a small story – but it tells it with honesty and wit and self effacement. In a few short minutes, the filmmaker creates a pair of realistic characters and a credible chance encounter and he does so with a sense of humour and with human insight. Though modest in scope the film delivers in a fully satisfying manner that which matters most in our craft – a tiny slice of life about the interaction between believable people. Which is the signature of a real story teller.” -Producer Robert Lantos on ‘Free Parking’

Feature Films

In 2013 I co-wrote and directed The Suicide Kid, my first feature length film.

It’s the story of awkward university freshman Timothy Laloom, who’s having a rough first year. He’s not making friends, not making love and not making the grade. His only solace comes from his little watched online video diary, updated daily with the gruesome details of his leaky neck cyst. But Timothy finds popularity where he least expects it when a failed suicide attempt goes viral, rocketing him to internet fame and changing his life forever. Told entirely through Timothy’s video blogs, The Suicide Kid is a tragic comedy about a generation growing up on-line.

So far we’ve screened at the 2013 Macon Film Festival, the 2013 Atlanta Film Festival and at The Mayfair Theater in Ottawa.

“Nothing short of extraordinary.” -Reel Georgia.

“An ingenious (and endlessly buzzing) drama.”The Ottawa Citizen

“The Suicide Kid depicts an honesty not often seen in films concerned with the ever present and highly influential world of social media.”Atlanta Film Festival

“Innovative and powerful.”Burnaway.org

Learn more at the film’s official site.

Comic Book Machine

As of April 2012, I’ve  been writing  freelance  digital comics for The Comic Machine Inc., a Toronto based start up.

(art by TCM)

Here I’m sent an 8 to 12 page outline for an issue (essentially a summary of the events), which I then adapt into a full length (30-40 page) script complete with dialog, shot descriptions and text captions. I’ve been an avid comic book reader my whole life, so this is pretty much my dream job. You should see the fruit of my labors sometime in late 2013, when the TCM app launches for the iPad.

The Room Novelization

 This one’s just for fun. Throughout 2010 I took it upon myself to novelize the entirety of the cult-hit film ‘The Room‘, written and directed by Tommy Wiseau, and received a small cult following of my own. The result was ‘The Room Novelization’. I uploaded it a chapter at at a time on a Blogspot and was amazed to see that fans not only read it, but demanded I hurry up and post the rest.  The URL was passed around at midnight screenings and has since become a minor part of The Room myth. I never earned a cent off of it,  of course, less I incur the wrath of Wiseau Films. But it was a fun opportunity to show off my prose and contribute to a fandom that I enjoyed, and I think it turned out pretty funny.

“It’s hard to think anyone familiar with the source material won’t have a good time reading this adapted work.” –Clay Cunningham, Everyview.com


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